September 17, 2001

7-Eleven is an international convenience store that is most popular in 16 countries such as United States, Japan, Canada and Philippines. The store was co-founded as Tote'm in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. In 1946, the store was renamed to 7-Eleven in-order to reflect the store's hours from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. [1] It's headquarters are also located in Dallas, Texas.


In the movie Escape from Planet EarthScorch headed to 7-Eleven and founded a air dancer wiggling around. Shanker Saunderson tranquilized the air dancer and Scorch is shocked that it got deflated and was dead. Suddenly, Scorch was also tranquilized by him and taken to Area 51. Gary arrived to the store where Scorch approached to with his ship earlier. He enters the store where the two employees Hawk and Hammer are in. They got unhinged at each other and gave flings to hide from each other before they knew Gary isn't a hostile alien. They offered a slurpee to him to taste and he loved it. At some point, he rapidly drank all of it in one sip and he received a brain freeze. Shanker's security men broke into the store, captured Gary and took him to Area 51 like Scorch was taken to.



  • In the flash game of the film's game Escape from Planet Earth Hidden Object Game, the store is called "6 Seven".

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