The two BASA Guards are vicious security Baabians who are at the BASA headquarters. They are secondary antagonists which was allied by a vicious Baabian "Lena" having them to prevent Kira and Kip from contacting Gary. They brought the blutonium containers to load into the spaceship to send them to Shanker. When Kira was going to tell someone, they went by them with Lena raring to capture Kira and Kip and lock them up in the cell. One guard caught her and the other was chasing after him, but one ran away and sneak in the pipe which led him to being unable to find Kip. They both trapped Kira on a chair with electric traps; the guards and Lena were surprised that Kip kicked the blinded pipe window and is going to Scorch them. They went after Kip before he got caught and thrown into the cell leaving them no choice but to stay in the cell. They recognized that Kira was Gary's wife and made jokes with the button mimicing sound that Scorch performed earlier in the film along with their conversations. Once Kip found a way to escape from the cell, they found out the explosion was going on before the door broke and they got injured and Scorched. They were tracking Kip after Kira and him are free. Then they failed to capture them and send them back to where they got captured and trapped into.

One BASA Guard Baabian was a modified version of a nameless citizen; Another Guard was recycled from the 43 year old military commander alien General Grawl on Planet 51. Whereas these Baabians have similar designs to the previous characters used for the film, but they wear BASA uniforms.


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  • Compared to the previous character "General Grawl" on Planet 51, he is extra younger without the antennas, military clothing, hair and sunglasses. He has blue skin, different ears, a fin on his head, BASA uniform, shoes and pants. They have different voices which the new one is voiced by Joe Sanfelipp and the old green one was voiced by Gary Oldman.