Scorch Mimicing buttons

Doot Doot Doot Doot is an onomatopoeia sound that mimics the sound of pressing the buttons. The sound was heard on 4 scenes in Escape from Planet Earth along with laughing. Thereby, the aliens were pretending to press buttons, but not actually pressing them and just performing the sound with their fingers.

The first one was performed by Scorch at the BASA Facility while Eckle was on his shoulder while Gary is watching them on the screen. Yet, he goes cross-eyed while performing the sound.

Then, it was sounded by the BASA Guards in BASA with Kip and Kira are locked up, 1 Baabian guard does it and the other guard acts like he's pressing buttons during the time they are escaping the trap using the blast tape and the grenade.

The last ones were played by the other aliens like Doc and Gary during their way back to Planet Baab along with Kira and the seat-belted Baabian "Lena", but Doc uses the tic sound instead of doot.


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