P51 Eyes 2

A set of eyes from Planet 51 and Escape from Planet Earth.
Object level medium-high
Appearances Planet 51
Behavior Blink, shrink pupils and other
Used for to see
Eyes are tissues that analyze and convert light into electro-chemical impulses in neurons for each character especially Baabians and other aliens that have eyes. The organ is the most important part of Planet 51 aesthetic. These eyes were made on characters so that they can view anything. The aliens have colored eye pupils on various aliens. In Escape from Planet Earth, the eyes are identical to the original versions of the aliens, but they look similar to the previous revision of the aliens. Thurman has three eyes on his head, the greys have black insect-like eyes and The cyclops such as Io have only one eye on their faces.


For a full gallery of images of eyes. see Eyes/Extra Pics.


  • Alien dogs do not have eyes on their faces.
  • In the video game of Planet 51, Lem's father's left eyelid is partially open.

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