Escape from planet earth ver9 xxlg

Gary Supernova is the main protagonist, and he is a Baabian in the film Escape from Planet Earth. He is blue colored with the BASA shirt and boots on. He is married with his wife Kira. He is the older brother to Scorch. Gary also works at BASA, but he is not a big famous astronaut like Scorch. Gary works in mission control and handles much of the technical aspects of space missions. Although Gary does not get much recognition, he takes his work seriously. He quit his job at BASA after a heated argument with Scorch, accusing Scorch of being a glory-hound and taking the dangers of space exploration too lightly, as evidenced by Scorch publicizing his mission to the "Dark Planet" like a big sporting event or movie. However, when Scorch was captured by natives of the Dark Planet, it was incumbent upon Gary to spearhead a rescue mission. 

He was originally used as a nameless citizen alien from Planet 51. He is Scorch's older brother.