The Glipforg High School Teacher is a green female adult alien who is a scientific teacher in the Glipforg High School building on Planet 51. She and her students were playing alien invasion in the classroom. On the other hand, she told Puck to merge with the Zombies group after he was too slow to go under his desk. At Eckle's backyard where Chuck Baker's ship landed, she notified General Grawl that Glar goes to the high school while his hair was pulled. She also appeared in the Humaniacs III costume contest where she announces the party to the other people. Subsequently, she grabbed Lem and Chuck after they've arrived and loved their nice alien costumes they are wearing and enrolled them to win the contest. She became terrified once the soilders arrived to chase Chuck and take him to Base 9 to get their brains removed. At last, she is found in the Observatory during the interview with Lem about the past incidents on TV.

She made another appearence on Escape from Planet Earth where she was slightly altered as a female Baabian who is seen in Planet Baab. The new design excludes the hair, antennas, glasses and other old accessories and replaced with long pointed ears, different skirt and shirt, blue color scheme, bumps and a fin on her head.