Kip Supernova
Recycled Eckle Character

Species Alien
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Appearances Planet 51 (as Eckle Young)
Escape from Planet Earth
Actor Jonathan Morgan Heit

Kip (also known as Kipper) is a ten year old Baabian alien in Escape from Planet Earth. He is the son of Gary and Kira. His uncle is also Scorch Supernova. He is performed by Jonathan Morgan Heit.[1]

He would like to be Scorch when he grows up, he's relentless in his energy and he never gives up.

Official site descriptionEdit

Kip is Gary's nine year old Baabian son. Kip idolizes his superstar uncle Scorch and hopes when he grows up to be just like him; an interplanetary adventurer and celebrity. Kip is relentless is his energy, passionate about his interests, and never, ever gives up. He is a cute young alien who Scorch gives a planet to. I don't blame him from loving his uncle because I love him too.


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