Mickey and Glar's friends.


The Mickey alien recycled as a Baabian child with chullo hats for Escape from Planet Earth.

Mickey is a female child alien in Planet 51. She joins the gang along with Glar, Neera and friends with his protest song called "Stick it to the Man". She later held the Humaniacs sign "Make like not war" for the Humaniacs III dancing contest and in Base 9. Mickey and her friends get terrified by the soilders and flee from them. She and the rest of Glar's friends walk out of Base 9 with Glar being held by the two boys and find out the rocket launched which she cheered along with her friends.

In Escape from Planet EarthMickey was recycled as a Baabian child where she lives in Planet Baab with other Baabians. After 4 years from Planet 51, she would trade in her outfit for the chullo hat, almond shirt with skirt and with new pancho shoes added.