Location size Extra Large
Appearances Planet 51
State Washington
World USA
Popularity Highest

Seattle is a location in Washington on Planet 51 where Conker, Peggy and one of their friends have gone there at May 05, 2011. They always have a good time in that city. 1st they went to the hotel called "Best Western". They have noticed new things in that city where they haven't seen before. Peggy loved the city. She thought it would be a good place for them to live in. Conker, Eckle and Eric are Seattle lovers. Conker had drove them to the big city where everything is imaginable. There was something that they would do in hotels. A pool is what they went into for a swim at 3:15 pm and they got out at 6:30 pm and it was cloudy on 5:00 pm. However, Eckle's parents don't like seattle. They even bought some stuff in the Super Wal-Mart where they bought sunglasses and everything. Eckle also got a new Humaniacs comic book where it was by the comic books. However, Conker couldn't afford an extremely expensive tv because he needed to get more money when he needed that item he wanted to by so he can afford a Humaniacs comic book for Eckle that he wanted. They experienced a new restruant called "Burger King" which is Eric's favorite. He even had enough money to get what he wanted. They took a next exam where they had new buildings and stuff. They had a excellent stay until the end of August. After having fun in Seattle. Conker and his friends packed their stuff, checked out of the hotel, left seattle and they were going back to Glipforg where their home is. They had a good fun at Washington. They even loved it in the state. That was their rating of how much they like it.


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  • Skiff is afraid of the space needle in Seattle.
  • The place has more popularity than Glipforg.
  • It is a medium-long way to get out of Seattle.
  • Seattle is about a few days long away from Glipforg to get into that place.