Object level None
Appearances Planet 51
Behavior No effect
Used for to protect eyes from the sun.
Sunglasses are protective eyewear that are needed for eyes that need to be protected from sunlight. They use it to wear when it is sunny outside. They use these kinda glasses to protect them from burning their eyes so that they don't ever keep sufering about wanting to have their eyes protected. They also use these to show some awsomeness of what they look. However, the 3D glasses which have colored transparent parts is what Conker wears sometimes even if its sunny outside. He also has the LG Cinema 3D TV glasses which went with his tv and everything he bought. Glar also wears these kind of glasses when performing a rock and roll song in the live show. The spynet video glasses which records videos with sunglasses belong to Chris but she may share her glasses with the other aliens. Mickey wears ray ban sunglasses as her favorite glasses she likes in her life. They are not to be used in dark places such as tunnels or lights that are off in houses and others.


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  • These sunglasses never melt by the lamp or any bright lights.
  • These glasses were loaded into a store called Wal-Mart somewhere in Glipforg.
  • 3D glasses cannot protect someone from the sun unless the color is dark.

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