Toe Tickler

Species Catepiller
Habit Tickling the alien's toes
Color Bright yellow
Sensitivity Excellent, with extra sharp display
Appearances Planet 51

Toe ticklers are the catepillers which tickle the alien's feet and they are extremly furry and the fur is a bit sharp but not hard as a pin or anything metal. These furry toe ticklers can try to tickle Skiff but he doesn't like toe ticklers because he can have his brain hurt and causing him to have a headache. Younger kids like Eckle will laugh very loud when they are laughing when these creatures tickle their feet and the toes. They can climb walls and get on roofs.



  • The stores or anything does not allow these catepillers in.
  • These toe ticklers are seen in the park or any place outside in the spring time.
  • Too many of the ticklers outside will have to be gett'n rid of.
  • Toe Ticklers don't like Alien Dogs because they can chew these catepillers up.